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Touhoumon HeartGold

Years after Touhoumon Diamond in 2014 by PlayNChao, now we can play Touhoumon HeartGold by Tye

As 0.91 patch, Touhoumon HeartGold offers:
– Puppets: the updated rooster of Touhou characters
– A Puppet will follow you
– Partially replaced the music, notably for battle music
– and many more.

Personally, I enjoyed playing it.
I have tested on both DeSmuME emulator and New3DS machine, and it works well.


Tye‘s YT channel: Click here
For updates, you can find Tye on BluShell‘s Development Discord Server

Patch updates and resources: https://mega.nz/folder/0pgjVIgC#k-eo74fjMpu0vX2ldH6hqA

Touhoumon World Link and Another World: Revised

Quality of life upgrades of Touhoumon World Link and Another World by BluShell
They are much better than the originals.

Following text is from the author:

Touhoumon Another World Revised / World Link Revised are, as their names state, revisions of Aichiya Sanae’s hacks of Pokemon FireRed and Emerald. The overall goal behind Revised is to have 1.5 hacks that are actually decent, and not hampered by the plethora of issues that plague most 1.5 hacks out there, such as lackluster sprites, unbalanced stats, steep level curves, etc.

So what makes these hacks different from the rest?
Glad you asked! Aside from the overall changes the original AW and WL had, both Revised hacks come with various QoL features, including things usually only seen in 1.8 hacks. And unlike World Link Deluxe, these hacks remain 1.5 at their cores, ensuring that the two projects won’t conflict with each other.

Here’s a brief list of some features each hack includes:

• A new, updated cast of characters, up to Touhou 14
• All 411 Boneka obtainable in each hack without the need to trade
• BW2 Repel system
• Colored Natures
• Custom type effectiveness chart
• New soundtracks pulled from various Touhoumon hacks (Reimufate, Zoku Gensokyo Scenario, etc.)
• Orbs with proper sprites
• Physical / Special Split with new moves to take advantage of it
• Reusable TMs / Deletable HMs
• The Faith type because dragon in touhoumon is awkward
• Typo fixes and text adjustments galore
• Zero Boneka being reduced to only 6 and their stats toned down to more acceptable levels
• And more!

Are these hacks compatible with any other hacks?
Short answer: No.

Long answer: Given how there’s a custom type effectiveness chart, as well as all the changes in Boneka and moves, among other things, no other hack is fully compatible with Revised, including the original Another World and World Link.

Can I request a change to the hack?
Certainly! Since Revised uses its own custom pool of Boneka, moves, type effectiveness, and all, it’s relatively flexible and can be adjusted further in some areas. So if you feel a certain Boneka should know a certain move, or a certain trainer should have a team member changed, let me know and I will consider making that change, if possible. Things that don’t affect the actual gameplay as much, such as sprites, will usually not be as high of priority.

Another World: Revised

World Link: Revised

BluShell‘s Development Server: https://discord.gg/2uDesdbatF
You can find patch files there.

Touhou Puppet Play World Link Deluxe

Long time no see, everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Lancer Weeb 64 and given information that there is a group that they want to revamp Touhoumon Another World. Basically they want to upgrade to 1.8 mechanics and added QOL and stuff from Touhou Puppet Play: Zoku! Gensokyo Scenario (Japanese Touhou Puppet Play 1.8 custom patch developed by arugurete).
After joined their discord channel, AGSMG told me that someone else is actually trying to remaster world link. Thus, I remembered that I made alpha version of World Link using 1.8 mechanics back in 2013, thus I gave him the file.

After that, AGSMG started developing World Link, and he named it ‘Touhou Puppet Play World Link Deluxe’


If you are interested following the progress: discord.gg/QRzEkfV

Mini Key Project — Help Needed

Years ago… I found an interesting Pokemon Emerald ROM hack by egg-frog180
They replaced Pokemon sprites with Key Visual Arts’ characters.
For who doesn’t know Key Visual Arts… It’s a company who responsible creating mostly sad(?) VNs such as Kanon, Clannad, Little Busters!, etc…

Anyway, the ROM hack itself was halted in 2011 by the author… so the characters are up to Little Busters! series (or Kud Wafter)…
The original Japenese version is something like this…

Pretty much standard pokemon-replacing hack…

Long time ago… I wanted to make a port for English version… but, real life is not very nice, huh…
So far, what I’ve done:
– Inserting sprites
– Translating name of mons
– Copying base stats and evolution of mons
– Re-ordering Key-dex
– Modifying song

For now, the main goal is to make base English version…

I need a lot of help to complete this port:
– 1 person for dex description, preferably who familiar with Key’s works…
– 1 or 2 person for editing moveset of mons, has basic skill in using hack tools… preferably who understand hiragana/katakana…
– 1 or 2 person for editing trainer battle data, has basic skill in using hack tools… preferably who understand hiragana/katakana…

If you’re interested, you can contact or mention me on twitter… I will give discord invitation via DM…

Good night~~

Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Reloaded)

It’s already 5 years, huh… since last time I touched Touhoumon thingie….
It seems a lot thing happened since then… I found recently that some of Touhoumon or Touhou Puppet Play mods are being sold illegally… something like this, or this, or this… ARRGGGHHH…
Anyway, don’t buy them… otherwise you’re being scammed…

Aside from that matter…
A reloaded version of Touhou Puppet Enhanced is being worked by Zeta Sukuna and team.
The enhancement including:
– Physical/Special split
– Three Regions: Kanto, Sevii, and Johto
– Edited Trainers and Gym Leaders
– Enemies with EVs
– Slightly expanded plot
– The ability to evolve your team beyond the ‘Kanto Dex’ limitations before beating the Elite 4.
– Various Battle Music changes.

Discussion thread and patch download: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=372999