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Touhoumon: Another World Remix

Hello everyone,

A few days ago, while take a break from searching for materials of my paper… I find something about Touhou Puppet Play…
Pretty much the Pokemon Hacking developed a lot, especially for GBA ROM…

Currently Touhoumon Another World is being modified by machomuu
The modification aims to fix the bugs and glitches and remedy of stupid things that I made such as level curve, grammar nazi, etc…

machomuu needs a feedback or two from you all… the development thread and alpha version are located here:
Please put your feedback and comment there…

The following text is taken from machomuu:

What is Another World Remix?

Another World Remix is a hack of a hack. This hack aims to cure some of the hiccups that came with Another World, most of which were not creative choices, such as spelling errors and the like. This hack also strives to make the game more balanced without disrupting the states of the Touhoumon (or Boneka, as they are called) themselves. It will no doubt be easier than Another World is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be easy. This hack is meant to make the frustration from a loss one of understanding rather than something that is completely out of the player’s hands, but it will still, in many cases, try be unforgiving.

At its base, Another World Remix hopes to be a collection of fixes and changes that will make playing Another World a smoother and more enjoyable experience. What these changes include are fixed typos, justifiable text changes, trainer loadout and level changes, wild Boneka dispersion, and the like. At its base, its target is to reduce grinding (which is largely a problem in the early game) and make the game fairer and more intuitive.


I considered not adding a features section but this does help to keep me in line and keep track of where I am and what I want to do, so here’s just that. Note that this doesn’t include things such as rebalancing, dialog fixes, and stuff like that since that’s explained above and in the Changelog (which is currently being updated as I make progress), but instead refers to other changes the hack intends to make.

New Features and Changes
– Cut does not need to be taught to a Boneka to be used. As long as you have the HM, you can use it to cut down trees.
– Physical/Special Move Split
– Typos zapped and broken dialog rewritten (In-Progress)
– The opening cutscene is now skippable
– XY-Styled Capture Experience

Intended Features and Changes
– Smooth out the transition between Gensokyo and Kanto
– Translate all of the Japanese
– Rewrite/Proof Dex Entries
– Insert updated 1.8 trainer sprites
– Remove Zero Forms