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1/8 PVC Figure- Toyosatomimi no Miko [Griffon Enterprise]

Well, this is my first post..

It’s a 1/8  PVC scale Touhou Project Figure – Toyosatomimi No Miko- released at Late July 2012 from Griffon Enterprise..

it’s the first Griffon’s Touhou figure of the “Ten Desires” game..and the last Boss at that..

start from the Box, it’s kinda different from the lastest series i’ve known.
They actually crop the Front box picture of the figure, which  the box design become more neat from what i thought..

This is the back of the box. nice art, i love the combination of colours they use for her box ^_^

Now the figure.. and i use the box background inside the box figure which is quite nice ..

(actually i don’t have time for taking a nice background yet -_-)

she’s the only figure that i bought because i thought she look’s cute for Griffon’s usual overal.. (other being Satori,and Hina).

she comes with two accecories, one being her Sword Seven Star Sword (七星剣 Shichi-sei ken) – a Taoism sword known to be worn by Prince Shoutoku(<wikia) and a shaku.

ow yeah, her headphone doesn’t coun’t as accecories for me, since it was already attached.

the ropes behind her back actually can be attached as well, but i don’t need that. her hand is quite a grip 😀

Her Stand.

ohhh yea.. i forgot about her Shoes. which actually the ++ mark for the figure. =_=’

the shoes is very well painted, the combination of Gold and White with smooth slender legs…


the belt on the front kinda nice looking too, with some decorated flowers(?)

anddd editedd,idk, i know it’s still no good, but i hope it’s better than the last time.. XD.