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Touhoumon HeartGold

Years after Touhoumon Diamond in 2014 by PlayNChao, now we can play Touhoumon HeartGold by Tye

As 0.91 patch, Touhoumon HeartGold offers:
– Puppets: the updated rooster of Touhou characters
– A Puppet will follow you
– Partially replaced the music, notably for battle music
– and many more.

Personally, I enjoyed playing it.
I have tested on both DeSmuME emulator and New3DS machine, and it works well.


Tye‘s YT channel: Click here
For updates, you can find Tye on BluShell‘s Development Discord Server

Patch updates and resources: https://mega.nz/folder/0pgjVIgC#k-eo74fjMpu0vX2ldH6hqA