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1/8 PVC Figure – Yasaka Kanako (Griffon Enterprises)

Okay… time to review bis boss Kanako…
This figure is from Griffon Enterprises… it comes with her trademark “shimenawa”
Well… It would be better if she sits cross-legged as in the game…

A tall box… because of shimenawa…

General shots…

Kanako’s face… it’s very good… I’m bit surprised…
You can see maple leaves ornament there…

Outfit… maple motif in the bottom of her long skirt…
And also… there is a mirror in her chest… what is that mirror called, again?

“Shimenawa”… it’s attached in the back… and it can’t be removed…

Legs and rope-sandals…

Standart black base stand as usual… >_>

One response

  1. Genichiro

    I imagine the balance on the figure must make it a little awkward, but it’s an awesome figure nonetheless.

    April 11, 2012 at 16:55

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