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1/8 PVC Figure – Alice Margatroid (Griffon Enterprises)

Quick figure review of Alice Margatroid from Griffon Enterprises…
Griffon already released 2 Alice figures (ignore limited-color releases), 1/8-scaled and 1/7-scaled figures… this one is 1/8-scaled…

I prefer 1/8-scaled to 1/7-scaled somehow…
Link for 1/7 pictures… Alice Margatroid – 1/7

Aside of that, I want Alice DX figure from QuesQ

…and I’m still hoping classic Alice to be released…

General photoshots… ignore the box, it’s in the bottom of pile…

Alice’s face, hair, and hairband…

Body outfit… blue colored blouse and pink colored scarf (?)
…and she has slim body…

You can see finger band (for controlling her dolls) in her left hand…
And her right hand sealed book… let’s just call it “Alice’s Love Diary”… I doubt it’s the same “Grimoire of Alice” from PC-98 era… >_>

She is wearing bloomer… and regular black shoes…

Cute Shanghai doll…

Standard black base stand from Griffon… >_>

2 responses

  1. Hinanai_Ichi

    this alice figure looks so cute

    April 2, 2012 at 18:27

  2. Genichiro

    Awesome Alice figure. The little Shanghai Doll is an awesome bonus. :3

    April 2, 2012 at 18:56

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