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東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

Mountain of Faith is 10th Touhou game. You may play as Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame. New bombing system is planted in this game. You will need sacrifice your power to use bomb. The minus point of this game is all bomb of every weapon types and characters. In the other side, the positive point, this game graphic improved.
As usual, this game contain 6 stages in story mode and 1 extra stage.
The scoring system is based on the Faith meter, which has a refillable gauge and a numeric value (minimum 50,000). As long as the gauge is partially full, the player’s Faith value doesn’t decrease, but the gauge is always emptying unless the player is killing enemies or collecting point items. Point items also partially refill the gauge, and Faith items increase the numeric Faith value. The Faith value directly affects the point value of point items and Spell Card bonuses.

Boss/MidBoss characters in UFO:
Stage 1 MidBoss: Aki Shizuha
Stage 1 Boss: Aki Minoriko
Stage 2 Boss: Kagiyama Hina
Stage 3 Boss: Nitori Kawashiro
Stage 4 MidBoss: Momoji Inubashi
Stage 4 Boss: Shameimaru Aya
Stage 5 Boss: Kochiya Sanae
Stage 6 Boss: Yasaka Kanako
Stage EX : Moriya Suwako

From left to right:

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MediaFireThis file part into .001 .002 .003… you will need Hjsplit to join them.

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