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Recent Collected Stuffs

Recently I bought a few stuffs…
– Alice Margatroid Nendoroids
– Minami Kotori Scale Figure
– Love Live! (TV Anime) Intro Main Theme Song: Bokura wa Ima no Naka de [CD+DVD]
– Eien Pressure [TYPE C / CD+DVD]
– Choco no Dorei [Limited Edition / Type C / CD+DVD]
– JKT48 1st Album Heavy Rotation [Type A and Type B]

Alice Margatroid Nendoroids

They’re arrived last week…
Total 5 boxes:
– 2 boxes are mine…
– 2 boxes are already sent to my friends…
– 1 box will be used for prize in Touhou 9 local tournament…

I haven’t opened the box until today, because my display shelves are full…

Minami Kotori Scale Figure

Minami Kotori from Love Live! anime…
It’s arrived last week… a day before Alice Nendoroids…
I bought it from HobbyLink Japan
for ¥1500 (excluding shipping cost)…

Same fate as Alice… The figure is still inside box…
I guess I will make a review later…

Love Live! (TV Anime) Intro Main Theme Song: Bokura wa Ima no Naka de [CD+DVD]

TVアニメ『ラブライブ!』OP主題歌: 僕らは今のなかで [CD+DVD]/ μ’s
Based on Love Live! School Idol Project anime that aired this season…
Beside the audio CD, I got DVD that contains Creditless Anime OP… and also… WB promotional card…
CD Tracks:
1. 僕らは今のなかで
3. 僕らは今のなかで (Off Vocal)
4. WILD STARS (Off Vocal)

DVD Track:
1. 僕らは今のなかで (TVアニメ「ラブライブ!」ノンテロップオープニング)

Eien Pressure [TYPE C / CD+DVD]

永遠プレッシャー [TYPE C/CD+DVD]/ AKB48
This is AKB48 29th Single CD album…
Honestly, I’m only interested to the 4th DVD track… It sounds good… Sakura no Hanabira Acchan Version…
By the way, the CD cover can be formed into a cube…

CD Tracks:
1. 永遠プレッシャー
2. とっておきクリスマス
3. 初恋バタフライ (HKT48)
4. 永遠プレッシャー off vocal ver.
5. とっておきクリスマス off vocal ver.
6. 初恋バタフライ off vocal ver.

DVD Tracks:
1. 永遠プレッシャー Music Video
2. とっておきクリスマス Music Video
3. 初恋バタフライ Music Video
4. 桜の花びら 〜前田敦子 solo ver.〜 Music Video
5. 29thシングル選抜じゃんけん大会ドキュメント (後編)

Choco no Dorei [Limited Edition / Type C / CD+DVD]

チョコの奴隷 [初回限定盤/Type-C/CD+DVD]/ SKE48
Maybe, this is the first and the last time I bought SKE48 single album…
The reason I bought it because of the 2nd DVD track… A special PV made for 9 SKE48 members that will be graduate soon… Sadly, one of them is Yagami Kumi (CV of Shinonome Kanata in AKB0048 anime)…
Aside from CD and DVD, I also got Ishida Anna card and handshake event ticket…

CD Tracks:
1. チョコの奴隷
2. 冬のかもめ(白組)
3. 追いかけShadow(紅組)
4. それを青春と呼ぶ日(旅立ち卒業組)
5. チョコの奴隷 off vocal
6. 冬のかもめ off vocal
7. 追いかけShadow off vocal
8. それを青春と呼ぶ日 off vocal

DVD Tracks:
1. チョコの奴隷 Music Video
2. それを青春と呼ぶ日(旅立ち卒業組) Music Video
3. 特典映像 III「無礼講でお祭り騒ぎの大宴会!」後編

Ah… and this is stupid unboxing video… you shouldn’t watch it…

JKT48 1st Album Heavy Rotation [Type A and Type B]

The yellow-colored is Type A (CD+DVD)…
and the white one is Type B (CD only)…
Since the JKT48 theater is fairly near from my place… buying them here is easy…
I got Takajo Aki janken card from white album…
and also Cindy Gulla photo and general handshake ticket from yellow album…

I guess I will send one of them to my sister…

CD Tracks:
01. Heavy Rotation
02. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara -Karena Kusuka Dirimu-
03. Ponytail to Chou-chou –Ponytail dan Chou-chou-
04. Baby! Baby! Baby!
05. Shonichi -Hari Pertama-
06. Wasshoi J!
07. Oogoe Diamond –Teriakan Diamond-
08. Gomenne, Summer –Maafkan Summer-
09. Namida Surprise! –Air mata Surprise!-
10. Hikoukigumo –Jejak Awan Pesawat-

DVD Tracks:
01. Heavy Rotation Music Video
02. Memories –Looking Back on the 1st Year-