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Touhou 13 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

After waiting for a while, finally Touhou 13 released in C80.

The new game mechanics for Ten Desires feature divine spirits. These divine spirits are released when enemies are killed, bosses are damaged, and at certain scripted events. The blue spirits add 10 to the player’s “score value” (the number of points granted for collecting a point item at the top of the screen), in addition to slightly filling the player’s trance gauge (see below). Gray spirits provide a larger increase to the trance gauge and act like additional Point items, giving you the current maximum Point value no matter where they are on the screen. Green spirits add 1 point to the bomb meter, and purple spirits add 1 point to the life meter. Extra lives are awarded at 8 life points for the first life, 10 for the second, 12 for the third, and so on. Bombs are awarded at 8 bomb points regardless of how many are acquired.

Grazing adds to score value as well; every 10 bullets grazed increases score value by 10. Additionally, bosses can be “grazed” as they emit blue (and gray) spirits every few shots, and if one stays close enough to the boss they can absorb all the spirits that she emits. The rate at which spirits spawn negatively correlates with the distance from the boss; the closer the character is, the faster spirits will spawn. This makes sitting on top of bosses while in trance a highly profitable score return.

At the end of every spell card (with the exception of a boss’s last spell card) the boss emits 1 green spirit and 1 purple spirit (along with several blues and grays).

The Trance gauge consists of zero to three flames that are built up by collecting blue and gray divine spirits. The player begins the game with one flame, and can collect up to a max stock of three. Pressing the ‘C’ button when all 3 gauges are full will trigger a powerful, 10 second long trance state, where the character gets an upgraded shot type and is not damaged by enemy bullets. While in a trance state, the divine spirits take on a new shape in which not only are they easier to see, but they also are worth more points. Blue spirits have x10 effectiveness, while purple and green have x2 effectiveness. If a character is struck by an enemy bullet while there is at least one full trance gauge remaining, the trance-state will automatically trigger, with the loss of a life once the timer runs down. The duration of the death trance depends on the amount of gauge collected to that point. In addition, when a trance (whether activated manually or upon receiving damage) expires, or if the player deathbombs, the player’s trance gauge is reset to 0. However, the player’s trance gauge will not reset to 0 if it is interrupted by boss dialog; the trance mode will be forced to deactivate and all remaining spirit will be retained.

source: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Ten_Desires

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