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Touhou 13 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires Trial 0.01a

Finally ZUN released the trial version of 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires Trial 0.01a at April 15th 2011.

Official Page and Download:

EDIT: after downloading, then attempted lunatic mode without second thought…

Main Menu Screen

Sanae’s Spell Attack

The Return of Yuyuko

Kyouko Kasodani

Meeting with Kogasa again

Yoshika Miyako‎


The new game mechanics for Ten Desires features divine spirits. These divine spirits are released when enemies fairies and other enemies are killed, bosses are damaged, and at certain scripted events. There appear to be four different types, grey spirits provide no other bonus than simply filling up your Orin meter. The blue add 10 to your score value (which is how many points you get for collecting a score item at the top of the screen), Green spirits add 1/10 of a bomb to your bombs, and purple add 1/10 of a life. The Orin meter consists of zero to three flames that are built up by collecting divine spirits. You begin the game with one flame, and you can collect up to a max stock of three of them. When the character would normally die, and there is at least one flame remaining, the character goes into her trance state. While in trance state your character get’s an upgraded shot type and can effectively ignore bullets it seems. While in trance state the divine spirits take on a new shape that not only makes them much easier to see, it also makes them worth more. Blue spirits get x10 effectiveness, while purple and green get x2 effectiveness.

there appears to be a bug where at some point during the game, a characters bomb cannot be activated and dialog cannot be skipped. Once this occurs on one character (possibly sanae being the first to trigger this) the rest of the characters have the same issue. This can be solved by exiting the game and reopening it.

Graze appears to add to score value as well. every 10 graze is 10 points to score value.

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