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Mini Key Project — Help Needed

Years ago… I found an interesting Pokemon Emerald ROM hack by egg-frog180
They replaced Pokemon sprites with Key Visual Arts’ characters.
For who doesn’t know Key Visual Arts… It’s a company who responsible creating mostly sad(?) VNs such as Kanon, Clannad, Little Busters!, etc…

Anyway, the ROM hack itself was halted in 2011 by the author… so the characters are up to Little Busters! series (or Kud Wafter)…
The original Japenese version is something like this…

Pretty much standard pokemon-replacing hack…

Long time ago… I wanted to make a port for English version… but, real life is not very nice, huh…
So far, what I’ve done:
– Inserting sprites
– Translating name of mons
– Copying base stats and evolution of mons
– Re-ordering Key-dex
– Modifying song

For now, the main goal is to make base English version…

I need a lot of help to complete this port:
– 1 person for dex description, preferably who familiar with Key’s works…
– 1 or 2 person for editing moveset of mons, has basic skill in using hack tools… preferably who understand hiragana/katakana…
– 1 or 2 person for editing trainer battle data, has basic skill in using hack tools… preferably who understand hiragana/katakana…

If you’re interested, you can contact or mention me on twitter… I will give discord invitation via DM…

Good night~~

2 responses

  1. Grass Porridge

    I remember that hack! I found it right after finishing my first complete playthrough of Clannad. I don’t think I could ever push myself to nuzlocke this and lose Nagisa, I would get so depressed. I don’t think I had this version of it though, as the LB cast was not in it. I hope Masato is a fighting type only because of the muscle jokes. Like seriously, who puts in a joke ending that is literally about muscles?

    January 31, 2019 at 07:24

  2. Thorben

    Any way to join your discord server for the project?
    Maybe, I can help…

    April 3, 2019 at 12:59

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