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希望について [Type-B] Limited Edition

I usually don’t buy CD album… But, I’m interested to AKB0048 anime…
The anime itself is… idol story added with robot wars…
Its characters based on real-life AKB48… I don’t have knowledge about AKB48 though…

I bought this album from CD Japan and it arrived a week ago…
I took the limited one… because if you buy regular edition, you won’t get bonus DVD which contains PV and video making…

Front cover…

Back cover…

Booklet, CD, DVD, and Kanata photo (AR Card) as bonus…
I expected that I got Chieri photo… T.T

External bonus (for first-press release)…

Track list; they are played in the last episode of AKB0048:
1. 希望について
2. 夢は何度も生まれ変わる
3. 虹の列車
4. 希望について(off vocal ver.)
5. 夢は何度も生まれ変わる(off vocal ver.)
6. 虹の列車(off vocal ver.)

Bonus DVD content:
1. 「希望について」 Music Video 〜オリジナルアニメーション Version〜
2. 「Making of Music Video」
3. 「THE潜入〜制作現場に突撃しよう〜」(出演:石田晴香・佐藤亜美菜・佐藤すみれ)

If you prefer idol version, you should take Type-A…
According my friend, both Type-A and Type-B have same track list…
The differences are in their cover and their bonus DVD content…

2 responses

  1. Genichiro

    Nothing wrong with trying out something different, right? Another nice little find, Aichi, thanks for sharing.

    September 3, 2012 at 17:52

  2. Kanata’s cute too…
    And i’m quite surprised they haven’t released the insert songs collection album.
    Nagisa no Chieri, anyone?

    Nagisa x Chieri ❤ ❤ ❤ yuri FTW

    October 29, 2012 at 10:49

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