~This is my last wish… Soon, my dream will vanish~

Touhoumon World Link v1.28

I DO NOT own any character or song in any way, every music, character design goes to their respective authors and games.
If you are reading this, means you have downloaded my Game. Don’t even claim the work is yours.

General Description

Hack of : Pokemon Emerald (U)
Hack Name : Touhoumon World Link
Current Ver : 1.28

Best Emulator: Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2
Make sure you set this option before opening rom in Visual Boy Advance:
– Real Time Clock must be on (Option -> Emulator -> Real Time Clock)
– Save Type Flash 128kb (Option -> Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 128kb)
If you don’t set save type to 128kb, it will be ended with blank white screen.

If you want to use link feature. VisualBoyAdvance Link 1.7.3 is the best.

If you already played earlier version (ver 1.25), you can still use that save game data.

Change Logs
– Edited Move weaknesses/resistances.
– Edited some Moves.
– Added optional side story.
– Other Starters, LastWordFlandre, DarkEx Form and Tensoku are catchable in game through optional side story. This was made because some people doesn’t know how to link or can’t link (MAC user).
– Wave Experimental.
– Closed Trainer Hills, because Trainer Hills’ table data is not same with Frontier table data. Too lazy to edit them.
– Kanto routes now have trainers to battle with.
– Updated Music House.
– Updated Bonéka List excel file.
– Fixed problem in early visit to Kanto while you fainted in Kanto. Now, if you fainted in Kanto you will transported to Muro Town.
– Fixed warp door in Hanada Bonéka Center.
– Fixed DarkLastWordHina and AdventEirin evolution.
– Fixed some text typo and error.

This is maybe the final story of game, next update maybe only for bug fixes and that written in help needed file.

Download Link
Latest Version

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