~This is my last wish… Soon, my dream will vanish~

東方非想天則 ~ 超弩級ギニョルの謎を追え

Romanized Hisoutensoku… this game is 3rd game made by collaboration beetwen ZUN and Tasogare Frontier.
This game is extension of Touhou 10.5 – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Featuring Kochiya Sanae, Cirno, and hong Meirin in story mode.
playable characters if you don’t use touhou 10.5 data:

But… if you integrate data from Touhou 10.5 by editing file configex123.ini

path=[b]c:\Program Files\tasofro\th105[/b]

you need change into correct touhou 10.5 path… [b]c:\Program Files\tasofro\th105[/b] is default.
if you’ve done it, you can use all playable characters from Touhou 10.5:

Ver1.10 Upadate Patch – click here

External Download Link (I am NOT UPLOADER):
Official Site
Touhou Wiki

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