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東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

This is 12th Touhou Game made by ZUN which is released in Comiket 76 (August 15, 2009). This game has three playable characters (Hakurei Reimu, Marisa Kirisame, Kochiya Sanae), each with two weapon types. And also, bombing system from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, and Imperishable Night is back (Unlike in Mountain of Faith or Subterranian Animism).
In this game, the gameplay is unique. You must collect 3 “small UFO” to summon the “big UFO”. If you destroy the big one, you will recieve certain item depend on its color. And also, if that big UFO absorb enough items, it will drop fragment of life (red UFO), Spell (green UFO), and little UFO (rainbow UFO), blue UFO doesn’t drop anything but they worth a lot of score.

Boss/MidBoss characters in UFO:
Stage 1 : Nazrin
Stage 2 : Tatara Kogasa
Stage 3 : Kumoi Ichirin and Unzan
Stage 4 : Captain Murasa Minamitu
Stage 5 : Toramaru Shou
Stage 6 : Byakuren Hijiri
Stage EX : Nue Houjuu

click here to see uncropped image

English Patch – You must upgrade your game to version 1.00b
Touhou 12 update ver 1.00b – click here
English Patch – click here

External link download(I am NOT THE UPLOADER)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

ZUN’s site
Touhou Wiki

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